Top 10 Easter Games & Activities For Adults

Top 10 Easter Games & Activities For Adults

Mar 16, 2023Justine Curtis

Why limit the fun of holidays to just children? With these Easter activities designed for adults, everyone can partake in the festivities! From egg hunts and crafting to baking exchanges, hamper making, there are plenty of ideas to make your party a success.

Becoming a full-fledged adult means making adjustments to how you approach holidays. You may have experienced an awkward stage where you're too old for the childish activities, but not quite mature enough for the grown-up conversations with your elders. However, you can still make holidays enjoyable by introducing adult-friendly games and activities at your at-home Easter celebration. Regardless of age, holidays should always be a fun and festive time. Below are five ways to make that happen.

Let the Games & Activities begin…

With a backyard or park as your playing field, you can have an exciting afternoon of Easter activities with just a few items. Here are some of our favourite Easter games:

1. Egg Toss

Stand across from a partner and throw a raw egg back and forth. Take a step backward after each toss. The team with an unbroken egg at the end wins.

2. Egg Darts

Create a wooden target and replace darts with raw eggs. It can get messy, but you'll have fun seeing where the eggs land on the target.

3. Create Your Own Easter Hamper

To make an Easter gift hamper, first decide on a theme or colour scheme for the hamper. Then, choose a container such as a wicker basket or a decorative box. Next, select items that fit the theme such as Easter chocolates, cookies, and toys. Add additional items such as bath and body products, candles, or books that align with the recipient's interests. 

Fill any empty spaces in the hamper with shredded paper or tissue paper for a neat and organised look. Finally, wrap the hamper with cellophane and tie it with a ribbon or bow to complete the gift. Remember to include a personalised card with your message of love and appreciation. If you have family or friends you would like to send a hamper to, Cremorne Street Hampers have some amazing Easter Hampers to choose from.

4. Left/Right Story

Just because you may have played this game as a child at a party, it doesn't mean it's only suitable for younger people. The game involves finding a gift wrapping it up in wrapping paper, and having someone read a story aloud to the group. When the storyteller says "left" or "right," the gift is passed in that direction, and the person holding it at the end of the story gets to keep it. This game is full of excitement, suspense, and plenty of laughs, making it perfect for all ages. And if you're not feeling particularly creative, there are plenty of pre-written stories available to use.

5. Scavenger Hunt

How about hosting an Easter scavenger hunt? Come up with a list of Easter-themed items that everyone at the party must locate and take a selfie with, with the option to post on Instagram using a specific hashtag. You can form teams or have a battle royale style competition where everyone is on their own. The winner is the first person or team to complete all the tasks accurately and document them. It's a fun and interactive way to celebrate Easter with friends and family!

6. The Egg Drop

While it's a simple activity that you may have done in science class before, this game has the potential to be a lot of fun. The objective is to protect an egg from a fall using household items and then drop it from an elevated area, such as a second-story window. If the egg breaks, you're out of the game. This activity is perfect for all ages, as it encourages teamwork between children and adults to come up with the best protection for the egg.

7. Egg Nose Roll 

If you're looking for a game that will make everyone at your party laugh, look no further than the egg roll race. In this game, participants get on the floor and roll an egg to the finish line using only their noses. The first person to cross the finish line wins. You can make the race as easy or challenging as you want by adjusting the distance to the finish line. Regardless, this game is sure to bring a lot of laughter and fun to your Easter celebration.

8. Grown-Up Egg Hunt

Are you missing the fun of Easter egg hunts? Well, you can modify the activity for adults by concealing miniature Alcohol bottles inside the eggs instead of chocolate. Your best friends might appreciate this idea more than the traditional Easter eggs. Another option is to add a truth or dare inside and can really get the laughs going.

9. DIY Egg Decoration

Everyone can dip a hard-boiled egg into some dye, but can anyone do it without getting their fingers stained? Set up a table with paints, brushes, glitter, and other exciting and unconventional egg decorating materials. Then, challenge the family members to come up with the most creative and impressive egg design. Let's see who can produce the most unique and stunning egg decoration!

10. Easter Brunch

If you're celebrating Easter without kids or family, why not host a boozy brunch with your adult friends? Set up a Mimosa or Gin Bar or really anything that takes your fancy, experiment with new brunch recipes, or get everyone to bring an Easter themed food item, you can even go all out with egg decorations, easter bunnies and lots more. There's no reason why you can't have a festive and enjoyable Sunday celebration!

There's no doubt that Easter can be just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids, and the games mentioned above are just a few examples of how to make that happen. By organising these activities for your family and friends, you're sure to impress everyone at your gathering and create lasting memories.

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